You’ve made it here, which means you’ve taken some sort of action already for change.
I guide clients from awareness to action, and specialize in anxiety, trauma and relationship issues.
Therapy is not just about making an appointment.  It is a lifestyle choice that can change the way you think, feel and behave everyday. It’s about setting goals to improve your life and learning the skills to do so, with a professional. My approach as a therapist is compassionate and direct.  I draw from various theoretical models that meet the needs of each specific client. I use the following therapeutic approaches with clients:  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness CBT, and The Model of Developmental Immaturity (see FAQ).
My focus with every client is to really get to know their own unique story, help them figure out why their lives have become unmanageable, get at the root of what’s causing it, work through unresolved feelings and core issues, educate them, and create a specific pathway so they can realistically start to see changes when they leave my office.

About Me
Before we jump right on into creating your new path, here’s some background info about me…
I was born and raised in Southern California. My interest in the field of psychology actually started when I was a young girl spending time in my mom’s front office after school. She would tell me about how much satisfaction she had as a social worker, helping others improve their lives – and I was inspired!
This journey began over ten years ago during college. The only classes I actually looked forward to were all related to psychology (the study of human behavior and mental functions). What I was learning in school gave me a new lens through which I viewed the world, and it just all made sense.  I could relate the information in my classes to my personal life, and see how I could follow in my mom’s footsteps to really impact people’s lives and do my best to help them be happier and healthier. I went on to obtain my Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University. I received extensive training from various onsite internships, including The Meadows, a world-renowned psychiatric treatment center.
I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and I see clients in my private practice with in Los Angeles, California. I specialize in helping people who have struggled with anxiety learn to live their lives with more ease.
Education and Current Practice:
Pepperdine University – Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, Emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist – BBS California License # 53654
2011 to Present  – Psychotherapy Private Practice
EMDR Trained –
The Bella Vita – Eating Disorder Therapist
Ashford University – Adjunct Professor
The Meadows of Wickenburg – Primary Therapist, Family Therapist, Survivors Counselor, Aftercare Counselor
Mohave Mental Health Clinic – Crisis Intake Therapist
Bienvenidos Children Center – Mental Health Therapist
Vistas Social and Work – Counselor III
San Fernando Valley Counseling Center – Volunteer Counselor

How to get a hold of me…

If you are interested in getting help or want information for a loved one:

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